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Hospitality America promotes Leigh Holloway to Chief Strategy Officer

Leigh Holloway promoted to Chief Strategy Officer

Hospitality America promotes Leigh Holloway to Chief Strategy Officer

promotion strengthens Hospitality america’s strategic direction

Hospitality America promotes Leigh Holloway to Chief Strategy Officer under the leadership of President and CEO Ben Campbell.  Holloway’s promotion aims to fortify the company’s strategic direction and bolster its competitive edge as a third-party hotel management company.

Holloway joined Hospitality America in 2016, with a background spanning two decades.  Holloway has demonstrated leadership across various roles within the company.  She has proved instrumental in crafting strategies that have propelled revenue and market share growth across its portfolio. In her new capacity as CSO, Holloway will steer the strategic planning process.  Identifying avenues for growth and spearhead initiatives to streamline operations across the organization’s hotel properties.

Holloway sets course for scalable growth

“Every facet of a hotel’s operations, from staffing strategies to technological innovation, profoundly impacts profitability,” Holloway said in a statement. “I aim to empower our leadership with the tools and insights needed to enhance guest experience.  Furthermore, elevating employee engagement and drive value for our stakeholders. Through intentional alignment rooted in our core values, we are setting our course for scalable growth.  Striving for innovation that challenges conventional industry norms.”

“Formerly serving as VP of revenue strategy, Leigh’s transition to CSO underscores her aptitude for revenue generation and strategic planning,” Campbell said. “In this new role, she will identify market trends, assess competitive landscapes, and cultivate strategies to mitigate risks and capitalize on expansion opportunities.”

As Hospitality America embarks on this new chapter, Holloway’s appointment signals a commitment to fostering innovation and sustainable growth within the organization. With her strategic acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, Holloway is poised to lead Hospitality America toward continued success in the dynamic hospitality landscape.

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