The Lyford Cay Club, New Providence, Bahamas

In the spring of 2003, the Lyford Cay Club called on Hospitality America to undertake a full operational review of the club. The specific goals of this review included the evaluation of potential sources of additional revenues while, at the same time, examining the potential for expense reduction. Upon presentation of the first phase of this project, the Chairman of the Board stated that he was “thrilled” with the quality of the work.

The Lyford Cay Club is a 1,000 member, world-class resort facility located on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. Approximately 400 members maintain private homes at the club. The club provides non-resident members with accommodations in its clubhouse rooms and cottages. Other facilities include golf, tennis, marina, pool, health and fitness center, spa, water sports, meeting space and multiple food and beverage outlets.

As a result of the opportunities identified in the first phase of this project, Hospitality America is currently developing a direct marketing plan for the promotion of the club-operated accommodations. In addition, Hospitality America is developing a re-organizational plan to assist senior management in the improvement of food and beverage delivery and the simultaneous reduction of costs.

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